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The gastrointestinal system is a major source of a multitude of health-related systems. This “second brain” helps dictate a lot of what is going on in the body.  Our gut is not really ours! It is the home of more microorganisms than we have cells in the body and when   everything is in balance, these ‘friends’ work with us to make everything function as it should.  The body is such a complex system. Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth or “SIBO” is one key imbalance that makes us feel unwell, and is linked to (as a cause or as an effect) many other diseases and disorders than many of us suffer from, and seldom achieve any helpful guidance to help us back to normal. 

The SIBO MIND MAP is a comprehensive tool that explains the relationship between SIBO and the body’s various biological processes and the reactions that result in disease. The SIBO MIND MAP contains over 700 links to published research papers, relevant scientific articles and explanations of pathways between symptoms, food, biochemistry, nutritional and functional deficiencies and more.

SIBO is intertwined with so many factors and disease that we found when developing the SIBO MIND MAP that we couldn’t capture the intricate detail of all the related diseases and disorders. We therefore created a number of additional specialized inter-related (yet independent) mind maps on other select disorders and diseases. The Green icon with the white “+” have been inserted throughout the SIBO mind map to indicate that a separate mind map exists or will be created.

These separate mind maps are available for stand alone purchase, or coupled as part of a SIBO mind map package. 

Stay tuned as more mind maps are forthcoming!