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The SIBO mindmap is designed for health practitioners who wish to embark on a path to help their patients by investigating the root cause of case-specific incidences of small intestinal bacteria overgrowth (SIBO). There is an increasing amount of information available on the topic but what makes this mindmap different from other compiled resource information sources is in how the information is presented and the extent of the comprehensiveness of the information included in the map. 

The SIBO mindmap contains information including: potential causes of the ailment; risk factors; symptoms to look for to help diagnose potential illness; testing protocols to determine the actual presence of SIBO; along with strategies to help eradicate SIBO whether it be through drug treatments, diet protocols or by addressing other underlying causes such as other diseases and conditions.

The map contains well over 700 referenced scientific studies, in addition to other helpful links pertinent to the topic being covered such as links to testing facilities, diets and herbal/supplement sources. 

Many sections contain added notes to provide further explanation on the topic at hand, and the map also includes links to other related sections in the map. The map is presented as a dashboard so that all information can be visually found in a single location, without having to open multiple lengthy text documents to help make sense of a particular issue, although linked documents can be accessed when desired in a separate window. 

The SIBO mindmap is the first of a series of future informative maps that will be developed in the future on diseases and ailments that are related to SIBO but also have independent pathways and other causes.



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